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Thanks for visiting. Please note that AirFire Telephone and Data is now part of Internetworking Atlantic Inc (IAI). As a result, we have integrated the information previously available on this web page with

If you use the AirFire website to access your account through the customer login, you may now login at Your login information has not changed. Please note that the email address and telephone numbers previously used to contact support have also changed. You can now reach our support team by dialing 902.442.1550 or 877.855.3999 or by emailing us at

To ensure that customers are not inconvenienced, the previous AirFire contact information for support will redirect you to the appropriate line or email address. However, we would appreciate you taking a few minutes to update your contact information for our support team. The telephone numbers and email address previously used to contact AirFire will eventually be phased out.

Please visit and bookmark our site to learn more about IAI's products and services, and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

We value your business and look forward to continuing to work with you.


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Bruce MacDougall, President
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